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Nearly fell off my chair...

Discussion in 'Driving & Transportation' started by Cassie, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Cassie

    Cassie Well-Known Member

    for our summer trip....2 adults in ECONOMY - FLIGHT ONLY....over £3100 with VA
  2. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    Wow did you tell them that you don't want to buy the plane
  3. tinklancs

    tinklancs Well-Known Member

    I've read a lot of fb posts about the ridiculous price of VA flights. Richard Branson needs the money to rebuild on Necker!
  4. winnie72

    winnie72 Well-Known Member

    Oh m, is that for a private jet? :eek:
  5. Disney Duck

    Disney Duck Well-Known Member

    Maybe RB was lending you his private jet.:rolleyes:
  6. tracyjo

    tracyjo Well-Known Member

    Check out Kenwood travel you only pay a deposit and balance 10 weeks before we checked out prices this time last year then mid October they dropped by £1000 And the virgin flights are cheaper on there than virgin!

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