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Where for breakfast?

Discussion in 'Dining' started by Cassie, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Cassie

    Cassie Well-Known Member

    Any recommendations for breakfast OFFSITE?

    Preferably I Drive area as we will be on our way to Universal
  2. jenster5

    jenster5 DoingFlorida Associate

    IHOP don't know where on I drive but if you come out of Disney near crossroads entrance. Turn left and it's a few yards on your left
  3. disney sharon

    disney sharon DoingFlorida Associate

    Keke's is wonderful, only found it last visit......and it wont be our last :)
  4. kareneff

    kareneff Well-Known Member

    There's a IHOP on International Drive just past Sandlake Road and the big McDonald's on the right hand side.

    DAVE&JEN Well-Known Member

    We tried Dennys last year which was really good near Mcdonalds with Ihop across from it on i drive and sandlake rd.
  6. robertian

    robertian New Member

    depending on your hunger can't go wrong with the ponderosa steakhouse breakfast buffet. There are a couple of them on international drive always go there for breakfast myself when ever doing a park as you can stuff yourself and not need to eat at thr parks which can cost a fortune
  7. Cassie

    Cassie Well-Known Member

    Thank you
    We have since also heard that World Cafe on I Drive is very good for a full English
  8. robertian

    robertian New Member

    theres a ponderosa just a couple of blocks further and the buffet costs $6.99 plus drinks and tip, for that you getchoice of cereals, porridge, fry up ,fruit and cakes
  9. LivingTheDream

    LivingTheDream Active Member

    Perkins, iHop or Denny's :)

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